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Shenzhen Topsee Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most innovative suppliers in China, devoted to automotive display screen, automotive inserting camera, parking sensor rear view system and automotive inserting audio-visual system solutions.

TPS has been engaged in the auto part industry for six years. With all staff members' high solidarity and long term and persistent efforts for years, TPS has achieved gratifying successes starting from scratch. From small-scale to big-scale, with more than sixty staff members.

TPS is committed to providing innovation supports to meet customers' needs of superior products, services and solutions. Our products and solutions cover a variety of automobile backing visual systems and backing video systems. Our products have been trusted and widely praised by customers around the world with leading technologies, easy usage, personalized designs and a wide range of solutions. In six years, our products and solutions have been deployed in thirty-five countries and regions.

"Dare to stand at the forefront and lead peers" is our courage and pursuit.